Absolutely! LogoMakr is a free platform where you can design a logo using our millions of graphics and tools. To legally use the logo design that you create on our canvas, kindly provide credit to LogoMakr.com anywhere (web and print) the design is used. For more information on how to legally use the logo design and give credit, checkout this page

If you would like a license to freely use the design, we encourage you to purchase the high resolution format of your design. 

No license is provided with free downloads. In order to legally use the free file, credit is required to LogoMakr.com for the use of our canvas graphics and tools. To provide credit follow the steps on this page. 

The free version of your design is provided in PNG format (500 pixels) which becomes pixelated when expanded and cannot be used commercially. 

The high resolution format is provided in vector SVG and PDF and these file formats never become blurry when expanded and come with a legal license for commercial use. Vector files also have layers so you can edit every single element of your design. 

PNG files cannot be edited as these are in image format and have no layers associated to them. Essentially a PNG file is like a picture; you can’t manipulate a picture in any way. 

If you’re looking to hold a legal license to freely use the design commercially and non-commercially and have your design printed on clothing, pens, business cards and so forth, the high resolution option is the best route to take.

Your $19 high resolution payment is a one time fee per design you purchase. At the moment we do not have a subscription based option, however we do offer multiple design downloads at a discounted price. For example, you can purchase 20 designs for $7 each. The more downloads you purchase the lower the cost. These downloads never expire and can be accessed at any time. 

With your high resolution purchase you’ll receive two vector files in PDF and SVG format. You”ll also receive a higher resolution 300 dpi PNG file, a web based PNG file and a web based 300 dpi JPG file. As a bonus you’re also granted access to our new Social Icon Creator where you can create social media files and a favicon in the exact dimensions required for your social media platforms (over 10 social file sizes).

LogoMakr listened to your requests and we’re truly happy and excited to provide you with loads of goodies with your high resolution purchase.

We encourage you to watch our instructional video and our tutorials for assistance on using our free logo design canvas. You can also follow the steps below:

  1. Select a graphic using the search box found on the top left hand corner. Simply input a word of the type of graphic that you’re looking for and press enter. Once you locate the graphic, click on the graphic and it will pop-up on the canvas.
  2. You can change the color of the graphic by clicking on the graphic and playing with the color circle found on the right middle area of the canvas or by clicking on the paint bucket found on the middle area of the canvas.
  3. Add text by pressing on the letter “T” found on the left center area of our canvas. Text that reads “Type something” will pop-up. Replace this text with anything you’d like and you can change the font and color by clicking on the text. You’ll notice that you can change the font by selecting from the top middle text pop-up that gives you different font options. You can also change the color by using the color circle found on the middle right hand side of the canvas or by clicking on the paint bucket found on the left hand center area of the canvas.
  4. You can add a background by adding a shape, changing the color and sending it to the back by right clicking on the shape and selecting send backwards. If you want a fuller background, click on the settings icon found next to the save icon on the top right hand corner of the canvas. You can choose to have a transparent or colored background. Select the option that you prefer and use the color circle below to add the color of your choice to the background. Note: If you add a background your files will not be transparent.
  5. You have the option to add opacity to your graphic, text and or shape by moving the opacity curser to the right or left as found below the color circle in the middle right area of the canvas.
  6. You can create a design by simply using shapes. Select the shape that you would like to add to the canvas by clicking on the Triangle icon found on the middle area of the canvas. We have several shape options for you to select from.
  7. You can choose to work on a blank white canvas or a grid canvas by clicking on the settings icon found on the top right hand corner of the canvas next to the save icon.
  8. Once you’ve completed your design press the save icon that looks like a floppy disk as found on the top right hand corner of the canvas.

Yes! Checkout this link of logo template designs created with the free LogoMakr.com tool. Feel free to use any of these templates as a starting point for your design. You can change every single element from:

  • Color
  • Font
  • Shape 
  • Background
  • Opacity
  • Graphic 
  • And the list goes on

These samples were created as a reference point to illustrate the various types of designs that you can achieve on LogoMakr’s free canvas. We hope this provides assistance. 

Our LogoMakr.com platform is most compatible with the Chrome browser, however you can use other browsers as well.

Your free LogoMakr files will download straight to your computer in lower resolution PNG format.

Your files will download straight to your computer. Each user sets the settings to where their file may download to on their individual computers. Most set their download preferences to the download folder, desktop, pictures folder or documents area.

Yes, you can certainly purchase a free design in high resolution. To do so, ensure that you retain the given LogoMakr name to the file. If you don’t have the original name given to your downloadable file you will need to recreate your design from scratch. FYI: The LogoMakr file name will look something like this: Logomakr.com/Q2w69f.

Depending on the software that you use to preview your file, a viewing background will appear. Windows adds a black viewing background to files. Chrome adds a gray or white viewing background, Adobe and Illustrator add a white viewing background and Firefox adds a gray or checkered viewing background to files. In all instances viewing backgrounds are outside of our control, as they are placed by the third party software that you’re using to preview your PNG file.

No, all files including the free and paid high resolution formats will download as transparent unless you add a background to your design. 

Yes, the white block(s) will appear on your design, as our files are delivered in transparent format. You can add a white background to avoid having these white blocks appear on your design.  

Logos designed on our free platform cannot be trademarked or copyrighted as the graphics are templates designed by a third party. If you would like to have your logo turned into an original design that can be trademarked and or copyrighted we recommend our Redesign Service.

Absolutely! We have an extraordinary team of professional designers ready to create a design that fits your brand. Our 5 star design team has developed thousands of designs for many happy customers. Below we’ve detailed our design options:

Custom Logo Design– With this option we’ll create a completely new design that is fitting for your industry. We apply psychological branding to every custom logo design that we create. Templates are never used as designs are always developed from scratch!

Logo Redesign– This option is reserved for those that have a logo that they’re happy with and would like to have it turned into an original design that they love. You’ll be able to take the logo that you created on our free platform or elsewhere and have it transformed enough so that you can copyright or trademark it.

All those that purchased the high resolution format of their design starting on the early morning hours (PST) of August 8th, 2018 have access to LogoMakr’s login system.

If you didn’t create an account at checkout you unfortunately will not have access to this area for that specific order. Free downloads do not have access to a LogoMakr account. 

No, kindly note that this new update was launched on the early morning (PST) of August 8th, 2018 and only logos purchased during this time frame and moving forward have the ability to create a LogoMakr account.