How we work

1. Choose Your Design Style
Let us know the type of logo designes you like. This will help us better understand how to design your logo, allowing us to give you exactly what you need.
2. Receive design proofs
The designers email you logo design proofs so that you can select the one that you like the best. At this point you can email them back changes, fixes or updates that you would like to see made. *Note: You will receive any revised concepts within 24 hours.
3. Give feedback
Provide further feedback if needed. Let the designers know with specifics what changes, fixes, or corrections they need to make to your new logo. The more detailed your feedback is, the easier it will be to bring your design to life.
4. Pick your favorite design
After the designers narrow down your look, they will send you revised design proofs to select from. From here you will choose the design that you like best.
We send you your final logo!
Once you sign off on the logo you like best, we will then send you your finalize "vector" formatted logo! A vector logo is a logo that you can blow up as big as you want so that you can put your logo on items such as, t-shirts, billboards, pens, business cards, letter-heads, websites and so on.

Sample Presentations

Below are sample client presentations

*BONUS: Psychological Branding:

Included in your Custom Design package we incorporate a special “Psychological Branding” overview of your industry and apply it to your design. Our lead design marketers complete this task prior to creating a design presentation. What does this mean? Simple, our marketing team will identify what makes your brand stand out amongst competitors and will help match your brands look and feel with your new logo. This process is probably the single most important thing you can do since you not only want an amazing looking logo but a logo that is effective as well. This bonus process is one of the many reasons why LogoMakr is the best choice for your professional logo design services!

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