Legal Requirements
For Free Downloads

You may use the free file under the following legal terms:

Personal Use: For web use only

Non-Commercial Use: You may not use the design for commercial (sold/print) purposes. We scan the web for our licensed artwork and if our terms are violated, a $1,700 fine will be imposed. 

Share: You may not redistribute the material in any medium or format

Print: Not legally allowed

NOTICE: Free files have no warranties and are LogoMakr property unless the license is purchased for full ownership. LogoMakr is not legally responsible for the context in which the material is used

Frequently Asked Questions

The free download may be used for web purposes only, such as on your website, social media, a blog and so forth, as long as you give credit. You may not print free files or use them commercially. 

To purchase the license and have full ownership rights to your design you may click on the upgrade to pro files within your free download email or follow the steps below:

  1. Using the same computer and browser that you used to create your design go to
  2. Click on “resume previously saved work”
  3. Locate your design, press save 
  4. Click on “Download your files”
  5. Go through the steps to purchase the license at checkout

Free files may not be printed or used commercially. The resolution of the free file is not the quality needed for printing and we do not legally allow free files to be printed. 

If you need to use the design for printing or commercial use, we encourage you to purchase the license for full ownership and to legally print the design. When you purchase the license, you’ll also receive the appropriate files (vector PDF/SVG) needed to print your design without losing quality.